Why “rock n roll”?

Why “www.petra-et-volvo.com”?

Well, “Rock n Roll” was taken. So why not go to the Latin root: “petra et volvo”(according to Google translate)?

So, why “Rock n Roll”?

“Rock n’ Roll” describes ofcourse a form of music. It also describes just that: a rock and a roll.

A “rock” is an element or a component while a “roll” is an interaction of a rock with another element or component.

This describes a system.

A system is a set of interactive and interdependent elements that work together to accomplish some desired goal.

Break down the system into its elements and components, describe and model those elements and components, investigate the interactions and interdependencies and model them, simulate how they behave and contribute to accomplishing the desired goal. Validate that indeed the system behaves as simulated. Ultimately, investigate if the path to reach this desired goal can be quantified by time, energy, mass and strength and determine if it can be optimized. If so, apply it.

So, what do you get when you have many rocks and many rolls?

Yes, the Rolling Stones and It’s Only Rock n’ Roll (but I like it)!


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