Please, Queen Elisabeth, give us our crown!

I like the symbolism of the crown and the monarchy that is associated with it.

It is rooted in the Divine.

Tribal kingship is often connected to sacral functions, so that the king acts as a priest, or is considered of Divine ancestry. The sacral function of kingship was transformed into the notion of “Divine right of kings” in the Christian Middle Ages, while the Chinese, Japanese and Nepalese monarchs continued to be considered living Gods into the modern period.” Wikipedia – Monarchy

However, how is it that “Divinity” is limited in the expression of one individual and their descendants?

Historically, the reaction to this was constitutional monarchy and in the extreme republicanism.

On the other hand, current thoughts tend to indicate that the expression of “divinity” can and should be pursued by all independent of birth.

If this is the case, would not all be potential candidates to wearing the Crown?

In the Canadian context, could we not ask Her Majesty The Queen to relinquish the Crown of Canada (Crown of Maples) and give it to the peoples and Nations of Canada?

It is of course understood that the Canadian Crown is actually not a physical object (although it could be designed, fabricated and included in the symbols of the Crown). The Canadian Crown is actually a “Crown in Right of Canada (and the Provinces and Territories)” which defines a system of government where the head of state is currently the Queen.

Recently, debate and legislation around the “rules of succession” indicate that modifying the “rules of succession” in the Canadian context could at best require a simple bill and at worst require unanimous approval from all provinces and the federal government. So, if we, as a country, wanted to, we could change the rules of succession such that the crown should be passed on to the people and Nations of Canada. As the Governor General of Canada represents the Crown that function would not change, but merely now represent the peoples and Nations of Canada through the Crown.

Undoubtedly, such a move to “repatriate” our Crown would meet with a lot of resistance and would probably be more or less divisive.

However, if Her Majesty The Queen were to relinquish the Canadian Crown as a gift for the 150th anniversary of Confederation, the debate could potentially be quite different. How could we refuse Her Majesty?

Peut-être je rêves en couleurs!

But consider a best case scenario. If Her Majesty were to consider relinquishing the Canadian Crown and giving it to the people and Nations of Canada, she would undoubtedly look to our history and see how we recognize the expression of divinity through the pursuit of excellence and through Noble act and deed.

Historically, we have distinguished ourselves on the battlefields of the world and continue to do so in the pursuit of peace. We have distinguished ourselves in the arts, sciences, engineering and social justice amongst other things. Many of those who have done so have been called to the Order of Canada as well as to other provincial orders of merit. Canadians have in my humble opinion expressed divinity through act and deed and have recognised its merits.

On the other hand, we as a country have fallen short in the quality of the nominations to the Senate. Many of these nominations do not reflect what Sir John A. argued “that these people would be drawn from “the best men in the country”” (see Rampart).

I believe if the criteria to the nomination to the Senate were to be limited to members of the Order of Canada and to similar Provincial and Territorial orders of merit, Canada might indeed meet one of Her Majesty The Queen’s possible criteria to relinquishing the Canadian Crown.

Yes, I am a dreamer!

But this is Canada Day and why not!

Happy Canada Day!

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